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footboard baby carriage

Pram footboard for the big siblings

Your baby is safe in the pram, your older child runs along beside the pram in an adventurous manner - until he or she gets tired, doesn't want to walk any more or there is too much going on in the street. This is where the pram footboard comes in! Simply fold it down and your little adventurer can ride along! For your child, the footboard is great fun, and for you it makes shopping or going for a walk easier, because your child is now safely stored and you no longer have to carry him or her in your arms while pushingthe pram.

Here is what you should look for when buying

The footboard consists of a plastic or wooden surface that is mounted on wheels. It is available for buggies, 1-child prams and 2-child prams. When buying, please ensure that the footboard is compatible with your pushchair or that appropriate adapters areavailable as pushchair attachments. The footboard is easy to fit without tools. It is important, especially in wet weather, to have a non-slip standing surface for your little angel. Some models have built-in suspension for extra comfort. When buying, look for a robust construction and resilient wheels so that your child can travel safely!

The footboard is designed for children aged 2 years to about 5 years. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that your child is safe on the road! For smaller children, a footboard with a seat is a good option. This is sometimes already included in the scope of delivery, but it can also be purchased as an add-on part. Is your child very active? No problem! Opt for a running board that can be used separately as a scooter, but also as a running board! This model is availablefor various buggies. Sporty parents have fun with a special, especially long and resilient board with skateboard wheels. Mum and dad can ride on this board, but your child will also have lots of fun with it.