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carrycot baby carriage

Baby transport with comfort

A soft carrycot is often included with a pram, the sturdy plate at the bottom of the bag gives it the stability it needs. The big advantage is that the bag can be easily removed from the pram and the baby is easy to transport. In addition, a carrycot offers the necessary comfort due to the soft materials. Because these bags are very light, the baby can be taken everywhere without waking him or her. A hard carrycot is a little more robust and stable.

Even though the pram and carrycot are very practical and usually the preferred choice, they can also be impractical. Stairs, public transport and crowds sometimes become real challenges. As a practical addition, we recommend a sling. Your baby will lie comfortably against you, be kept warm and you can move around easily and together.

Pram accessories

In addition to a carrycot, there are of course other accessories and attachments that you might need. Especially seasonal there are some things that are useful. A lambskin not only provides additional comfort and cosiness, but it also warms. So your little darling won't get cold on a winter walk. These seat covers fit in the carrycot as well as in the baby bath.

Parasols and umbrellas are also a must-have! Because the child should sit in the dry in bad weather and not get sunburnt when the sun is shining. However, before buying - whether carrycot or other accessories - you should research which models are best suited to you and your pram.