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carrycot baby carriage

An important decision

Already during pregnancy, parents start thinking about whichpram is best for their newborn. The decision must be well thought out, because it is one of the biggest investments in first-time baby equipment.

For the family, a combination pram is often the best choice, which can be combined with both a carrycot for the pram and a pushchair attachment for the toddler.

The carrycot for the pram

A pram with a baby bath is a means of transport for babies who are not yet able to sit up or pull themselves up independently. Since the baby will lie down and sleep a lot at first, the baby bath for the pram is the optimal solution for the first months after birth. It is important that you pay attention to the right size of the baby bath. In winter, for example, a warm cover for your babyshould fit comfortably inside without being constricted.

In warm temperatures, it must be ensured that there is sufficient air circulation in the baby bath. The padding of the pram baby bath is equally important. It should be soft and comfortable so that your baby feels completely at ease.

Accessories for the pram

Among the large selection of accessories and attachments, there are some useful things you should not do without. A rain cover protects your baby from wetness and wind on dingy days. An additional sunshade is recommended for the summer, as baby's skin is still very sensitive. A mosquito net protects your baby from annoying insects.

Wasps in particular can not only be a nuisance, but also dangerous. For warmth protection from underneath, lambskin inserts are ideal. They keep you nice and warm and are also cosy and soft. If you decide on a combination pram, a seat cover is very helpful. Parents know that pushchair seats have to withstand a lot of dirt. A seat cover is not only comfortable, but can also be easily removed and washed. We also offer other pram accessories and spare parts in our range, which you can easily reorder.