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Pram adapters as valuable everyday helpers

In addition to a good baby car seat for the car, the purchase of a pram is also an important topic for parents-to-be. You can buy a baby car seat and a pram independently of each other and choose your favourite models individually. Or you can deliberately choose an adapter as a pushchair accessory, with which the matching infant carrier can simply be attached to the frame instead of the carrycot.

What are the advantages of pushchair adapters?

Ineveryday life you are considerably more flexible on the roadthanks to the small pushchairattachments. If your baby falls asleep in the carrycot, you can attach it to the frame of the pushchair together with the carrycot and do not have to wake it up. Quickly place the car seat on the frame and off you go, without having to interrupt baby's sleep. This option is also ideal if you have a small boot. An additional carrycot on the pram takes up a lot of space.

For which models are adapters available?

Adapters for the most common baby carriers are now available for many pram models. The adapters are simply attached to the frame, the infant carrier locks securely into place and can be easily removed again. You can see which models the adapters are suitable for in the item description. Be sure to compare all specifications to ensure compatibility.

With the right pushchair accessories, many models can be completely customised. You will find a large selection of models in thepram and pushchaircategories . A sibling on the way? Then a second seat could also be practical so that you can transport both children in the pushchair . In addition, you should always have the rightspare parts to hand. After all, the pram is in constant use and something can break.