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Baby carriage spare parts

Do-it-yourself repairs made easy

Over hill and dale - a pram has to withstand a lot, especially when used as a pushchair or buggy. Despite high-quality design and quality control, it can happen that a tyre goes flat or the brakes need to be replaced. With our pram spare parts, a quick repair on your own is no problem. You will also find accessories such as pram sunshades or baskets in our shop.

Spare parts for brand-name prams

Bumpy terrain, nails and broken glass on the way can damage even the best tyres. In many cases, however, repairing the pram yourself can be done without too much effort. We offer you spare parts for prams at a reasonable price in our shop. Here you will find the right ABCDesign spare part, Hauck pram and Teutonia p ram spare parts. Hand and foot brakes, with their parts such as brake shoes and calipers and forks, are also subject to wear and tear and sometimes need to be replaced.

Regular checks for safety

A wheel can be damaged not only when jogging with the buggy, but also during a normal walk around town, and tipping over is then not impossible. That is why it is important to check wheels regularly, but also brakes. Does the tyre have enough air, can it be turned easily, is it firmly attached to the frame - these are important points to pay attention to. If the inner tube loses air, the tyre shows cracks or the brakes no longer grip well, it is time for a replacement.

Using the manufacturer, model, tyre size and year of manufacture, you can find the right pram spare wheels or spare parts for the brakes. Our service team will be happy to help you by phone if you have any questions about ordering spare parts.

Fitting spare tyres for pushchairs

A tyre or inner tube is quickly changed on the pushchair if you follow the individual steps in our instructions:

First, remove the wheel by loosening the clamps or unscrewing it. If the valve is OK, inspect the casing for visible marks. If there are no signs of damage, remove the tyre with a lever.

The old method of inflating the hose and holding it in water has proved its worth. If bubbles appear, it is defective at this point. With a pram, it is safer not to repair it, but to replace it. A defective tyre is also better replaced immediately. And take this opportunity to check whether other pram accessories such as rain covers are fully functional.