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stroller belt pad

Safety First

Safety always comes first with small babies. Children are constantly on the move and don't always sit still in their prams either. Especially when the little ones get a little older and want to discover the world for themselves, the safety belt on the buggy is important. The straps themselves must be secure and hard-wearing. On the other hand, the harnesses must not constrict or endanger the children.

However, the material of the harnesses is rather rough and can chafe the skin. For this purpose, there are pleasantly soft harness pads that protect children's delicate skin from pressure points and scratches. The belt pads are - like most of the seat covers - made of skin-friendly cotton fabric and are machine-washable at 30 degrees.

With the fun and cheerful motifs, you can spice up your buggy or pram and give it a personal touch. In just two easy steps, the pram becomes a typical girl's or boy's pram. There is a matching cover for the belly bar. It protects the bar from sticky fingers and is easy to put on and take off with the integrated zipper. In general, the belt pads are suitable for any type of pram and can also be replaced quickly and easily.