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seat cushion baby carriage

Why a seat cover for prams?

Seat covers for prams are practical to protect the pram from stains, but also to keep the offspring cosy and comfortable. The seat covers differ in shape, they are available for the pram, the seat cover buggy is adapted in its shape of a buggy. There are special openings in the seat covers so that the straps of the buggy can be pulled through.

The seat cover for prams has a shape adapted to the pram. The seat covers are practical because they are washable, they can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and the pram or buggy stays clean. But seat covers are also functional and beneficial for the changing seasons to protect the little ones from the weather.

Pram seat cover and seasons

As different as the seasons are, there are also different materials for pram liners. A pram liner summer is made of a thin material. It is important for seat covers to be absorbent, temperature-balancing and breathable. In summer, small children sweat a lot and babies cannot yet regulate their temperature themselves, so it is especially important to pay attention to temperature-regulating materials. Separate sun protectionis available to protect against the sun, which is very important for small children.

To be prepared for bad weather , it makes sense to have arain cover. The rain cover is transparent, it is pulled over the pram or buggy and protects the child from wind, rain and snow. A zip allows quick access to the child. In the cold seasons, cushions made of thick materials, for example lambskin, are recommended to keep the child warm.

In these seasons, cushions with footmuffs are very popular; the body regulates its heat via the feet, and if the feet are warm, the heat is transported to the body. Inaddition, warm blanketscan be used to make the little ones even cosier and protect them from the cold.

Seat cover for on the go

Inaddition to a pram seat cover, a cover for the buggy ,covers for the car seatare also available. Different shapes, sizes and patterns are available to fit the car seat. It is also an advantage that car seat covers are washable and that the car seat is protected from stains. In summer, it is also important that these seat covers are made of temperature-regulating material.