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Pram chain

The pram chain - the classic toy for prams. Even in grandmother's day, they were used to playfully entertain children during their pram ride. Originally, the pram chain resembled a simple rubber cord that was fixed to the front part of the pram top - from the left to the right side. The pram chain was equipped with small balls or funny fabric figures that served to distract the baby, calm it down or train its motor skills. In situations where some babies feel anxious, such as in the paediatrician's waiting room, the fear can disappear in an instant if the little ones have the opportunity to engage with the brightly coloured toy on their pram.

Baby toys of a special kind

Whether made of wood, plastic or another material - the pram chain is available in a wide variety of designs. The most popular variants are equipped with funny wooden figures. But figures or small balls made of colourful plastic are also very popular. Even models with tear-proof crackling paper or easy-grip baby mirrors are available and guarantee lots of fun on the go.

The pram chain can certainly be compared with so-called play arches. The latter are usually made of sturdy plastic or wood. Babies who are not yet able to turn onto their tummies like to lie underneath to play with the attached toys and thus discover their little world. Some of the toys have a special feel due to their surface texture, while others make rattling or melodic noises. An adventure land for babies!

Babies do not start reaching for objects until they are about four months old. In general, they need about nine to 18 months to learn to touch several objects at the same time or to perceive them with their senses. Researchers have found that boys and girls who were introduced to a pram chain or play bow at an early age are much more capable of using their arms and hands in a targeted way or coordinating their movements.

Pram chains are ideal to be attached to the pram, the cot, the baby seat or the baby bouncer. This means that babies can also play to their heart's content when they are out and about, for example on the bus or in the train. Chains in this product category promote good humour, support visual and acoustic perception and also have an effect on mobility. We also know the posThe cognitive development of children is also known to be positively influenced by pram chains.

How long are pram chains?

Theoretically, the pram chain can be attached to the bouncer or the baby seat just a few days after birth. Although babies do not consciously reach for objects at this early stage of life, they will enjoy the colourful play of colours. Rattling pram chains are also sure to attract the child's attention. The ideal dimensions of a pram chain are around 36 to 38 cm. Most models can be lengthened or shortened with the help of small levers. It is a good idea to use pram chains that are about two to three centimetres longer than the hood of the pram. This way, the chain hangs easily and can be reached more easily by the child's little fingers.

Pram chains with soft plush figures or soft balls can be used from the first day of life until about 12 months. The recommended age for pram chains with plastic or wooden figures is around three to 12 months. If it turns out that your child enjoys playing with the pram chain beyond this stage of life, you are welcome to leave it on the pram. Thanks to the high quality of the modern pram chains, even siblings will enjoy playing with these wonderful eye-catchers. How wonderful it is to see how a pram chain can always bring a smile of delight to your baby's face.