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Safety first!

Seeing and being seen is especially important when you are out and about with children. There are lights and reflectors for prams and buggies that can be easily attached and make the pram more visible. Another practical accessory for when you are out and about is a snap hook, known as a hook, with which you can easily attach small purchases to the pushchair and transport them home. If your pram has pneumatic wheels, it is best to have a small, handy pump with you at all times. This can easily be stored in the bumper bag.

It is not always easy in traffic, especially when one of the children is walking and the other is still sitting in the pram. A pram handle is a good aid here. The handle can be attached to any pram or pushchair and the big sibling can and should hold on to it. You can also find a selection of different wheels as accessories to convert your pram to suit your needs.

There are also suitable accessories for the winter. You don't mind snow and want to enjoy the white winter landscape together with your baby? Then the ski attachments for the pushchair are just right for you. With them, you can safely and easily wander through the snow flurries. A holder for the smartphone is also recommended so that you always have your mobile phone within reach!