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lambskin baby carriage

Lambskin for the pram

A lambskin is a good solution, especially for the winter, because this pram accessory ensures that the children are always wrapped up nice and warm. Lambskins in the pram keep them nice and warm in winter and have a cooling effect in summer. Nevertheless, care should be taken not to overheat the baby's body. Wool is known as an all-rounder and keeps the baby nice and warm, especially on cold days. Its fibre structure not only regulates heat but also moisture, is soft on the skin and breathable. Lamb skins for the pram are available in different versions. For example, they can be usedas a seat cover or as afootmuff in winter .As a rule, the lambskins are equipped with belt slots, making it easier to use them in baby car seats, child seats or pushchairs. Special footmuffs with lambskin lining are weatherproof and robust, and are particularly useful in buggies or pushchairs.

Lambskin care and pram care

Lambskin is extremely popular with parents because of its self-cleaning properties. Because of its coarse fibre structure, moisture and odours have little chance of sticking permanently to this fur. A fur brush can ensure that the fur can always be brought back into shape during lambskin care. The healthy shine of the coat is also preserved. Not only pram care is important, all pram accessories also need regular care. The lambskins can be washed in the washing machine with a mild detergent at low temperatures from time to time. The lambskins can even be dried in the dryer without damage.

A lambskin footmuff must also be the right length so that it is not too small after a short time. Therefore, the footmuff should always be chosen a little larger, but it should not be chosen too large for babies to prevent the baby from pulling the footmuff over its head. Pram accessories should be cared for regularly so that they meet the hygienic requirements.