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cup holder stroller

Practical pram gadget

It is not only important for us adults to drink enough, your child should also always drink enough, preferably water.
There are practical drink holders so that you and your child always have a drink to hand. They can be easily attached to the pram or buggy. Some prams or buggies already have a device onto which the appropriate cup holder can be attached. There are also universal cup holders that can be easily fitted to any pram or pushchair, regardless of whether your pram has an oval or round frame tube.
All cup holders are robust and easy to clean.

Whether drinking cups, normal wide-necked bottles or coffee cups - they all fit into the holder. So your little darling's bottle is always within reach. A cup holder can also be very practical for parents. Because coffee mugs or water bottles can also be stored here. This way, you always have the drink at hand, even on long trips.

At least as practical are consoles that you can simply attach to the pram. In addition to drinks, you can also store snacks and other things that you have with you. The smartphone also needs a place in the pram. Do you always want to have your mobile phone in view or use it for navigation when hiking? Then a mobile phone holder for the pram is just the thing for you.

However, before you decide on a cup holder or similar accessory, you should read the product description carefully and research whether the product is also suitable for your pram. Our support team will be happy to help you.