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Stroller organizer

Spacious pram push bags

Are you often out in the fresh air with your baby? Then a sturdy and foldable pram is ideal. However, the compact models in particular do not offer too much storage space. In this case, a bumper bag is a good addition. Small children need extra accessories throughout the day. Of course, the favourite toy must not be forgotten so that the child also has fun on the way. Small snacks, drinks and extra laundry also fit wonderfully in the extra storage space.

Small children need a lot of fluids and their delicate skin needs special protection from the sun. Depending on their age, the small baby bottles are no longer sufficient and have to be replaced by larger ones. Little ones especially like fluffy blankets. They then immediately feel safe and enjoy the outing to the full. Every child has a preference for different blankets in different colours.

Keys, a wallet and sunglasses also find a place in the poke bag. This way, the parents also have everything they need for a long walk. By the way, these push bags are also available in versatile designs. There is something for every taste and for every pram.