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Philips Avent for toddlers

Toddlers drink from colourful bottles of Philips Avent

With the completion of the first year of life, an infant becomes a toddler. Along with the new designation, many habits also change, because children orientate themselves much more towards other children and adults. Philips Avent therefore offers a special bottle range for toddlers.

Toddler bottles from Philips Avent

Babies have a natural sucking reflex that is supported by being held at the mother's breast and with special teats. Slowly, the little ones learn to train their mouth motor skills and try out other drinking options. The transition from a baby bottle to a bottle for toddlers is often a natural drinking cup, which is equipped with a holding handle and has a teat whose spiral shape is reminiscent of the mother's breast. From the age of around nine months, when babies can sit independently, they have the strength to hold a drinking bottle with a spout. An ergonomic shape and a non-slip design make it easier for the little ones to drink independently. To ensure that no liquid escapes from the unusually large opening in the event of improper movement by the little ones, the beak bottles at Philips Avent are equipped with a non-drip valve. Drinking with a straw is even more difficult. Sucking vigorously on the straw creates a negative pressure that directs the liquid to the mouth. The air sucked in has to be processed by the little ones and consistent sucking is necessary. Toddler bottles from Philips Avent are leak-proof, easy to hold thanks to the ergonomic shape, optionally equipped with a handle and suitable for children from 12 months. All toddler bottles have a soft drinking area that supports the healthy development of the gums, teeth and jaw.

Bright colours for toddlers drinking

Toddlers react strongly to bright colours. That is why Philips Avent has equipped its toddler series with bright colours. The little ones like to reach for their bottles and drink while playing. Depending on the temperature and the intensity of movement, toddlers should drink between 600 and 800 ml during the day. This amount increases to about one litre by the second year of life. If toddlers like to drink from their colourful stub or sippy bottles, this fluid intake is easy to achieve.

Preparing toddlers' meals

From the fourth month of life, babies need more than just breast milk and parents start to prepare complementary food. At first, vegetables and fruit are steamed and finely mashed, then coarsely mashed from around seven to eight months and cut from one year onwards. In order to carry out these activities easily and promptly, offers Philips Avent a baby food preparer that can handle four steps. With a capacity of one litre of liquid, the food is chopped, steamed, warmed or defrosted as desired. Thanks to the gentle preparation method, the nutrients and vitamins in the vegetables, meat or fish are fully preserved and toddlers get a high-quality meal in a simple way. Of course, all individual parts can be easily operated and cleaned.