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Philips Avent for babies

Philips Avent cares for baby's well-being

When babies see the light of day, everything changes for the little citizens of the earth. Instead of the warmth and security of their mother's womb, the little ones have to deal with the sounds, hunger, breathing and touch of their parents. With the care line from Philips Avent parents can make the start in life easier for their darlings.

The right milk bottles and teats for newborns

Small babies often suffer from abdominal pain and colic because a lot of air gets into the abdomen due to the still strange sucking and breathing. Philips Avent has therefore developed teats that reduce air inhalation during drinking. The teats are always filled with milk and return the excess air into the bottle through a valve. This prevents colic and the babies are calmer and happier. At the same time, the teats are modelled on the female nipple by a spiral-shaped arrangement so that newborns develop a natural drinking pattern. Whether breast milk is pumped or the babies are fed with replacement milk: With the small baby bottles for newborns, feeding the babies can be taken over by the partner and the mother is more flexible in her time management. The electric bottle warmer heats the milk to body temperature in a short time. The milk bottles are characterised by a wide, ergonomically shaped bottle neck, lie well in the hand and are available in different sizes. Of course, the bottles are made of BPA-free materials and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand with a bottle brush. After cleaning, the bottles should be left on the drying rack of Philips Avent dry out well. To reduce allergies caused by foreign bacteria and germs, it is advisable to sterilise the teats, dummies and bottles in the first months of life, for which Philips Avent provides appropriate equipment for this purpose.

Babies suck on their dummies

The unfamiliar environment unsettles babies, making them restless and anxious. Physical closeness gives them back a bit of security, as does the use of a dummy. For newborns and young babies, a dummy must be ergonomically shaped to support the development of the jaw, teeth and gums. The dummies from Philips Avent are pleasantly flat and lie comfortably in the mouth. Large air holes on the dummy shield allow good air circulation to prevent damage to the skin. To make the dummy easy to find at night, the night dummies have a fluorescent layer that shimmers gently in the dark.

Baby's sleep is controlled

Newborn babies sleep up to 17 hours every day, divided into shorter naps and a longer sleep phase at night. To enable parents to control this sleep without disturbing the little ones, we developed Philips Avent developed baby monitors. The devices have a transmitting and a receiving part and can reach up to 300 metres. Despite low beams, the sound transmission is crystal clear. Depending on the model, you can choose between a device with integrated night light, a device with mute mode and switch to light display, a device with integrated temperature sensor or an imaging device with video option and a gentle sound and noise background for the baby.