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Parcel inserts-the effective advertising

For over 17 years, we have been delivering over 180,000 parcels a year to Swiss parents, parents-to-be, relatives and friends of parents. We reach over 78,000 new customers with our baby articles & toys.

For most parents, the birth of a child not only means the purchase of baby items, but often also other purchases such as a larger apartment or house, a bigger car, new insurance policies and much more. They also spend more time at home, take more photos or look for special destinations for their next child-friendly family vacation.

All these areas can be perfectly advertised to our customers using parcel inserts.

  • Studies have shown that over 87% of all parcel inserts are looked at more closely.
  • Our customers open their parcels in a positive mood and expectation.
  • A voucher code or reply card can be used to analyze a campaign even more precisely.

Our target group has the following characteristics:


68% Women
32% Men

72% German
12% English
12% French
4% Italian

Age group
18-24 years      2%
25-34 years      51%
35-44 years      38%
45-54 years      6%
65+ years          3%

Ourshipping volume is currently an average of 15,000 parcels/month.

The min. Booking is at 15,000 package inserts

The price for an A4 flyer format with max. 4 printed pages is CHF 80 per 1000 pieces

Staggered discounts
from 45,000      10%
from 90,000       15%
from 180,000     20%

Further formats available on request.

For more information or bookings, please send an inquiry to paketbeilagen@4mybaby.ch