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What is a back carrier for children?

A back carrier or Kraxe for children resembles a backpack at first glance. It is equipped with a seat, safety belts and footrests for the small children and a back-friendly system for the carrying parents. In many cases, a Kraxe can be supplemented with a sun canopy to protect the child from UV rays.

Children's back carriers are ideal for excursions without a pram or to give the child the opportunity to take a break from walking.

What age is the child back carrier suitable for?

In order to use the child back carrier, your child should already be able to sit independently. Accordingly, a baby carrier is not suitable for a baby. In most cases, a toddler can sit independently between the 9th and 12th month of life. At this point you can test a carrier.

A child's back carrier can be used up to a weight of about 20kg to 22kg. This corresponds to an approximate age of 3.5 to 4 years. However, curiosity and the urge to explore inspire most children to walk independently and discover their surroundings at an earlier age. In any case, pay attention to the product instructions of your Kraxe.

The size of the child plays a subordinate role in the use of the carrier, as you can individually adapt the Kraxes to your child in the seat height, the straps as well as the foot support.

How long should I carry a toddler in the child back carrier?

When carrying your child, pay attention to how he or she feels and what feedback you get from your toddler. Some children do not feel very comfortable in the child back carrier and would rather leave it, while others prefer the Kraxe and feel very comfortable.

When you are out and about with your child, you should take regular breaks so that the child can move freely for once. The muscles in toddlers are not yet muscularly developed, so it could be strenuous for the child without a break.

Can I go hiking with a child back carrier?

Absolutely! Nothing stands in the way of a hiking adventure as a family. With a backpack, you can look forward to a hiking trip with a clear conscience. Especially in the children's back carriers of the brand Deuter children sit ergonomically and safely. The child can sit in different positions and the straps can be individually adjusted. Thanks to movable leg supports, toddlers can also move around while sitting and adjust their position independently. The manufacturer also attaches great importance to a back-friendly carrying system for the parents.