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Baby carriers

Baby carriers: the sometimes very sensible alternative to the pram.

After nine months of security, your baby loves nothing more than body contact. With a baby carrier, you as parents can have your newborn very close to you right from the start. Nevertheless, you have your hands free and remain mobile. Broken lifts or stairs are no longer obstacles on the way. Many babies sleep particularly well in a baby carrier and even with toddlers they are a real helper in everyday life. It offers the best comfort for both carrier and wearer and supports the baby's natural posture. We inform you about what you should look for when buying a baby carrier. In addition, we clarify important questions about the handling and use of a baby carrier.

What makes a baby carrier

Newborn babies feel very comfortable close to the body. A baby carrier helps to meet this natural need of babies. It is easy on the parents' backs and promotes the healthy development of the baby. Depending on the carrier and age, the baby can be carried in front of the stomach, on the hip or on the back. The manufacturer Ergobaby offers orthopaedic baby carriers that allow all three carryingpositions. In our range you will find everything from the newborn carrier, which you can use from birth, to the baby carrier, which you can use until your child weighs 20 kg.

Secure in the carrier from day one

To carry a newborn safely in a baby carrier, it should support the natural position of babies. Some models are designed specifically for newborns, while others have a head support that stabilises your baby in the carrier. This way you can ensure that your child is allowed to enjoy the important physical contact with you from day one, while at the same time you have your hands free and are mobile. You can wear a baby carrier both indoors and outdoors. Many parents report an enormous relief, especially if there are older siblings in the house who want to be cared for. For example, you can take care of household chores while comfortably nursing and carrying your newborn in the carrier. Baby carriers that can be adjusted quickly and easily are best suited for breastfeeding. These carriers are also called full-buckle carriers.

Carrying on the stomach, back or hips

With most baby carriers, you have a complete choice of carryingpositions. The Ergobaby carriers have continuously adjustable straps and buckles. This means that different carriers can quickly and effortlessly adjust the same carrier to the right size. Another advantage is that you can adjust the carrier asposcan change the carrier just as quickly and effortlessly. Newborns in particular feel very comfortable in front of the tummy. As soon as the child can hold its head on its own and sit in a stable position, you can carry it on your back. Older children feel very comfortable on the hip. An all-rounder among the carriers is the carrier from Ergobaby. With this and other good models, you can carry your child for as long as you both want to. Even a whole day in the carrier is no problem if you make sure that your child has the right posture.

The correct posture in the baby carrier

To ensure that you can be close to your child all day without worrying, make sure when buying a baby carrier that it supports your baby's natural posture. You can recognise a good carrier by the fact that it supports the spread-and-dock position. With the carrier from Ergobaby, the ergonomic seat can be individually adjusted to ensure a correct posture. In addition to the correctposition, it is important that the natural hunchback is supported. This is also guaranteed with an original from Ergobaby.

How to carry the baby safely

Unlike a sling, a baby carrier has buckles and straps to close. This not only makes it quick and easy to use, it ensures that your baby is safe in the carrier. Make sure that the seat stays reach from the back of the knee to the back of the knee. With the carrier from Ergobaby, you can perfect the seat adjustment when your baby is already in the carrier. The child's joints should always remain free to move. In addition, your child should be close to your body in the carrier and not be able to tip backwards or to the sides. The arms and head should also remain free and move in any direction. This way you carry your child safely and comfortably.

The right clothes in the carrier

Unlike in a pram, the child is very close to your body in the carrier. This means your body gives off heat to your baby. Therefore, do not dress your newborn baby too warmly in the baby carrier. Take your own fashion as a guide and dress your baby as warmly as you dress yourself, depending on the season. The Original Carrier from Ergobaby offers a sun and privacy shield for babies that protects your child from unpleasant sunlight. In addition, you can close the protection when your child is sleeping in the carrier. If you are still looking for suitable accessories for your baby carrier, we offer them. Back carriers are also useful. Benefit from our fast shipping, low prices and discount offers, even purchase invoice is possible.