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Travel cots accessories

Helpful accessories for your travel cot

Before a trip or an excursion, there are many preparations to be made, including many items that need to be taken along.
Travel cots are often needed for holidays or for a visit to the grandparents. Helpful accessories help your darling to sleep.
A protective mosquito net prevents annoying insects from interrupting the deep restful sleep.
While sleeping, the stomach recovers and the food is digested well, so the nappies are quickly full. To make sure that changing nappies does not take a lot of time and effort, there are practical nappy-changing attachments. The changing pads are simply placed on the travel cot so that you can quickly put on fresh nappies again.
Important utensils can easily be stored in an organiser for the travel cot.
With the right travel cot accessories, travelling or sleeping away from home becomes even more fun.