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Travel cot mattresses

Healthy sleep when travelling

Travelling with a child is a challenge. Where should the child sleep: in the parents' bed in its own travel cot or in the pram? Babies sleep anytime and anywhere - on short trips best supported by a soft padded bolster. For healthy sleep on longer trips, when visiting grandparents or in the garden shed, a portable bed with a travel cot mattress would be ideal to make your offspring's rest periods as comfortable as possible.

Travel cot mattress with comfort

Parents with small children do not have to do without the comfort they are used to on holiday. A travel cot can be folded up to save space and is easy to transport. With a suitable travel mattress, the usual sleeping blanket and a cuddly toy, the cot offers the child a familiar environment and safety. The travel mattress is usually made of foam and covered with a coloured terry cloth or cotton fabric. It can be easily rolled up or folded and stowed in the boot with the accompanying bag. Outdoors, the mattress can be used as a soft changing mat or crawling blanket. Travel cots are now part of the basic equipment in every hotel and holiday flat.

Accessories for sleeping while travelling

With the right accessories, travel c ots are just as cosy and comfortable as normal cots. Attentive parents also think about comfort in the car, on the train, in the bus or on the plane during long journeys. This includes a neck cushion, grasping toys, baby books, teat and drinking bottle. Spitting up, crumbling and smearing are everyday occurrences with small children. An absorbent cuddle cloth or bib prevents soiling of baby clothes and car seats and helps tired babies to slumber. After a long journey, the cot and travel mattress are usually the first piece of furniture to be used.