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baby sleeping bag outdoor

Camping holidays with children

Hearing the birds chirping in the morning, spending evenings together around the campfire and playing in nature all day are unforgettable holiday experiences for children. When camping with a child, you will experience a lot of freedom together. It is also one of the cheaper holiday options. After an active day, the little ones will sleep blissfully in their travel cots, while you as parents can enjoy a few minutes together. An outdoor sleeping bag with down filling will keep you warm while counting shooting stars.

Sleep well in a tent

To make sure it doesn't get cold at night, you definitely need a warm children's sleeping bag. Cosy baby blankets provide additional warmth or can be used as the only blanket on warm nights . When camping with a child, a comfortable sleeping mat is a must in addition to the outdoor sleeping bag. Smaller children alsosleep well on travel mattresses. Always keep a torch within reach for small children so that they are ready to go to the toilet at night or in case of other surprises. Practise opening the children's sleeping bag from the inside before the holiday.