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Neck cushion

Travel comfortably at all times with a neck pillow

Travelling with a child can be a challenge for everyone involved. Every parent asks themselves one question when planning a trip: How do I protect my child? Neck cushions for children are the ideal companion for longer trips in the buggy, car journeys, bus or air travel. The ergonomically shaped travel pillows support the head, neck and shoulders and allow for comfortable sleep and rest.position. When awake, a colourfully printed neck cushion serves as a cuddly blanket and grasping toy for small children.

When is a neck cushion helpful and useful?

Neck cushions are suitable for every position in the car seat, buggy or travel cot. We offer neck pillows for children in different sizes, colours and shapes to suit the age of the child. The curved, softly padded cushions are simply placed around the shoulders. Such a neck cushion gives children's heads security, protection and support on car journeys, train, bus or plane journeys. in the colder seasons, the neck cushion provides cosy warmth, in summer it can be precooled and serves as heat protection. Trendy patterns and child-friendly design make neck pillows for children an indispensable favourite object when travelling. When the little darling gets tired, he can simply fall asleep without his head tipping forward or to the side.

Important: good quality and breathable material

High-quality neck cushions for children consist of an inlet and a removable cover. They are filled with hollow fibre balls, polyester granulate, filling wadding or natural materials such as cherry pits, grape pits or spelt. For summery, light neck supports, the fabric should be made of breathable cotton. In winter, it may be cuddly soft nickel fabric. Like soft toys, neck pillows are washed in the machine or by hand at low temperatures.