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Travelling with your child - an experience outside your own bed

Travelling with the little ones for a few days, visiting relatives, holidays in a holiday home or even in a sun tent - so that children and parents can enjoy the nights without stress, there are a variety of options that make sleeping for the little ones on the road comfortable and hassle-free.

Comfort on the road with travel cots for children

A good travel cot is compact, not too heavy and, above all, can be set up and taken down quickly and easily. With various folding and locking mechanisms on the upper sides, most travel cots now meet exactly this standard. Of course, despite all this, travel cots should be stable, not slip on a smooth floor and, above all, not tip over too easily. The height of a travel cot should also be at least the same as that of a fixed cot so that the little ones cannot fall out when standing in it. In order to also save space with the mattress, foldable travel mattresses are excellent here, which are usually in no way inferior to a normal cot mattress.

However, non-folding mattresses can also be rolled up very well. The material is usually so soft that this is easily possible. Some travel cot models, especially practical for small children, can be opened at the side with a zip so that the bed can also be left independently and without falling. This prevents unnecessary climbing by the little ones at night. If the travel cot is placed directly next to the parent's bed, it can remain open to the parent's bed throughout the night. This gives the child the security of being able to crawl quickly to mummy and daddy if he or she is unsure or afraid of the unfamiliar surroundings.

An oasis of well-being on the road

Even though a travel cot usually offers a little less space than a fixed cot, there is still enough room around the child for a good and not cramped sleep. This way, the beloved toy or the cuddly blanket can always sleep with the child on the road and there will be no tears. Especially in unfamiliar surroundings, it is important that the little ones have something familiar with them. This makes sleeping on the go much easier.

Otherwise, what works well in the cot at home also works well in the travel cot. Little sleeping bag sleepers will also feel particularly comfortable in a nice, cosy and warm sleeping bag in the travel cot, and padding for the neck, for example, or cosy blankets can also be used here without any problems. The air-permeable walls of the travel cots also mean that the supply of fresh air for your little ones is not restricted. So parents can also rest easy if the child presses its face against the edge of the bed set while sleeping - because the little ones will continue to get good air even then.