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beach shell

What is a sun protection tent?

A sun protection tent, also called a beach shell, protects you and your family from the sun and wind when you are on holiday at the beach. A sunshade tent is actually a tent, i.e. a device made of thin material that is attached to the ground with the help of pegs.

Why should you use a sun protection tent in summer?

Exposure to the sun can quickly become dangerous, especially for sensitive children's skin. This is especially true for babies' skin. Therefore, up to the age of 1 year, they should not be placed in direct sunlight at all, if possible. But unprotected sunbathing may also involve risks and dangers for you. Even if you use enough sunscreen, the midday sun in particular is often so intense, especially in warmer countries, that there is a risk of sunburn or sunstroke if you expose yourself to its rays for too long. A sun protection tent provides shade and also protects you and your children from strong winds, which often occur in coastal regions. After bathing, the sun's rays are intensified by the drops of water that remain on the skin. Due to the wind, however, children in particular do not feel the heat and thus stay in the sun much longer than would be good for children's sensitive skin.

Is a sun protection tent suitable for holidays?

Especially on beach holidays, there is often a lack of opportunities to retreat to a shady spot. Special beach chairs or loungers with sunshades are often expensive or hard to find. A sun tent offers you perfect protection from the sun and wind on your holiday. Once erected, it provides shade and is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate several people. It can be folded up easily and space-saving and can be set up and fastened directly on the beach if required. Children can also use the tent for playing and will be delighted with the "play den". And you can enjoy your beach holiday with peace of mind and don't have to miss out on your time at the beach during the midday hours. Of course, you can also use the sun protection tent after your holiday, for example when your children are playing in the garden, to provide them with effective sun protection in the midday hours of summer at home too.

Does a sun protection tent offer protection against UV rays?

A sun protection tent provides you and your loved ones with reliable protection against dangerous UV radiation. Each tent is treated accordingly and has a UV protection rating of 50+. Find the right sun protection tent in our online shop now and nothing will stand in the way of a relaxing beach holiday!