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Buoyancy aids

Pack your swimming trunks

Inaddition to suitable swimwear, safety is the most important factor when it comes to bathing fun. Children's swimming aids are designed to support children of different ages on their way to becoming swimmers and to keep them afloat. Even small babies can be slowly accustomed to the water in the pool by their parents. Young children should generally not swim in rivers or lakes with strong currents and should not be let out of sight for a second in the water.

How and when children learn to swim varies. Some children are very timid and others jump into the water with great enthusiasm. You have to pay special attention to them while they are not yet able to swim safely and practise a lot with them. However, a professional swimming course usually only makes sense from the age of 4-5.

What should be considered when buying a swimming aid for children?

Swim aids should always fit the child and not constrict or injure it, because then the fun in the water can be over for a long time right at the beginning. Buoyancy aids, buoyancy collars, buoyancy seats and the like must not have any sharp welded seams and should preferably consist of two separate air chambers.

The best swimming aids for toddlers are those that encourage the correct swimming posture right from the start and allow the little ones maximum freedom of movement. Children's swimming aids in which the children stand in the water like a stick are unsuitable. The children train the wrong swimming posture and also freeze more quickly due to the lack of freedom of movement.

When buying a swimming aid for toddlers, parents should always check the manufacturer's instructions for the age or weight class for which the swimming aid for toddlers is approved. Because not all children are the same and can differ greatly in size, it is advisable to test the swimming aids beforehand. Parents should also check that the swimming aid for children has been tested for quality and is free of harmful substances.

Which children's swimming aids are suitable for which age?

For the first encounters with the wet element, there are swimming trainers from 3 months or swimming aids for babies 6 months in the form of comfortable swimming seats with a comfortable backrest in various sizes. After that, parents can use more effective aids such as suitable water wings. Swimming belts or swimming cushions.

Once children are used to the water, they also love simply being pulled through the water by their parents and automatically adopt the correct swimming posture. Floating discs have the advantage that they can be adapted to the child's growing swimming abilities. Swim tadpoles and swimming boards help older children to hone their swimming technique. For a trip to the lake or the open-air swimming pool, in addition to the appropriate swimming aids, you should also think ofother useful things such as bathing shoes, nappies and sun-protective clothing. Then nothing will stand in the way of fun!