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Bath nappies

Carefree splashing in the water with practical swim nappies for babies

Babies love to splash around in warm water, to play or to be nursed.
To make this as relaxed as possible for you and your little treasure, there are practical bath nappies.

In swimming pools or open-air baths, it is obligatory to put swimming nappies on your baby. Of course, the swim nappies can also be used for the beach and splashing in the sea. With swim nappies, you don't have to worry about your pet's droppings contaminating the water or sand.

Unlike normal nappies, swim nappies do not swell in the water. Swim nappies are available with an elasticated waistband or practical Velcro fastening. All cloth swim nappies can be washed at 30° degrees and reused. If you don't want to do this, you can also use the simple disposable swim nappies.

Swim nappies come in different sizes, depending on the weight of your child. First and foremost, swim nappies are designed to keep big business out of the water, but for this to work it is important that the nappy fits tightly around the legs and has enough room around the bottom. However, almost every swim nappy will catch small amounts of urine.