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Most children like to splash and play in the water. Get your baby used to the wet element at an early age. Bathing establishments offer you the opportunity to do this all year round. You will have no difficulty teaching your child to swim. Movement in the water is particularly good for physical development, as it trains motor skills and strengthens the muscles.

With the very young, simply start to awaken the joy of bathing in a playful way. Put your baby in an inflatable floatation aid and gently push your child back and forth in the water. Your baby will accept this enthusiastically. Once the fear of water has disappeared, it will be easier for the child to learn to swim later on. In the Swimtrainer, which is available for different age groups and different learning levels, your baby sits securely and does not tip forward. Slipping through is not possible because of the inflatable cushion. In summer, please always remember to provide sufficient sun protection for your child.

Water wings for children - the absolute classic

The most common products for children are water wings. Some types are even suitable for babies as young as six months. You will find the right ones for every age and weight class. Buoyancy aids and training waistcoats give your child security during their first swimming attempts and encourage horizontal swimming.position. You can use these waistcoats for your water rat from the age of one. The use of these vests also depends on the age, weight and learning level of your child.

Cool for kids is the Swinfin, which looks like a shark fin and does not restrict the freedom of movement of the arms during swimming movements. There is an extension strap for this swimming aid so that it can even be used by adults. Swimming can also be learned with the help of dolphin swimming discs. Depending on the level of learning, you remove more and more of the soft cuddly discs. These are designed for kids from one year old to twelve years old. Despite swimming aids, you should not let your child out of your sight near water. Only when your little one can swim safely can he or she go into the water alone.

Sun tents for when you are out and about

What could be better than relaxing on the beach, in the park or in the garden? Of course, you want your child with you. Cute little pop-up tents should not be missing. They are quick and easy to set up and pack away again. Secure the useful resting places with four pegs so that they stay put even in windy conditions. Their low weight and easy handling make them the perfect accessory on your trip. When travelling by air, you won't have any annoying bulky luggage with these small sun tents. Folded up, they are guaranteed to still fit in your suitcase. If your child gets tired, he or she can rest in the tent. The sun's rays can't harm him because of the UV coating and insects don't stand a chance either because they are equipped with a mosquito net. Some tents also have an inflatable mattress so that your darling sleeps softly.

These great shade providers are also available with two functions. The pop-up system is also used to erect and dismantle the round beach shells. The lower part has a high edge so that you can use it not only as a travel bed but also as a playground for your child. While you enjoy the sun, your little one is busy. By the way, you will find beautiful fashion for swimming in our shop, also for mum. Of course, you can also find other toys for bathing in our online shop!