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Table seats

Why table seat and what is it?

Youalways have to take a lot with you on the road: From a change of clothes to a diaper bag and travel cot to toys, your little one's luggage fills the boot. What about seating furniture? The table seat can be wonderfully attached to the tabletop and allows even very small children to eat at the table like the grown-ups. Unlike the classic booster seat, the table seat does not stand on the chair next to the table, but is attached to the tabletop with screw clamps. Tableseats are compact, practical for travelling and can be used in any restaurant.

Table seat vs. child seat

The high chair takes up a lot of space and is usually placed in the kitchen or dining room at home. When travelling, the large piece of furniture is simply not practical. The bulky high chair is also not an option for a quick trip to a restaurant or a visit to friends and acquaintances. Booster seatsare somewhat more handy , but even these cannot be packed up small and stowed in a backpack. The table seat with its few rods and textile insert is more practical: light, quick to assemble and stable enough for children up to about 15 kg (please follow the manufacturer's instructions), the seat keeps your little treasure safely at the right height everywhere.

But not all table seats are the same: the different models (as with seat cushions and elevators) are either very light and handy or padded with cushions. The fastening mechanisms differ slightly, and of course there are also differences in stability. Not all seats are suitable for children up to 15 kg.