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Booster seats

Child seats for on the road and at home

A child seat is used to allow babies and small children of the appropriate age to sit at the table. This type of child seat is used in a similar way to a high chair. With the small table or tray, the little ones can dine just like the grown-ups.

These reasons speak for a child seat

There is a clear argument in favour of such a seat: children do not always want to sit still at the table when they are placed on the lap. Having your own seat has several advantages, because mum and dad also have their hands free and the child can eat by itself at the table. The models on offer can also be used very practically as an elevator. If you are on the road, on holiday or visiting friends, these portable high chairs are the best solution to let your child sit safely at the table. In addition, the seats are easy to stow away and are therefore ideal to carry with you all the time.

You can choose between different versions. You should always choose the child seat that corresponds to the age and size of your child to ensure safe and comfortable sitting. The colourful table seats can be chosen in solid plastic as well as with upholstery.