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On the road with children - safety first

The safety of children is at the top of every parent's priority list. Of course, you want your offspring to be well protected at all times when out and about. In our online shop, you will therefore find alarge selection of articles that will make your family outing or a jointly attended event as safe as possible.

Always keep an eye on the little ones. As soon as they can walk, they want to explore the world. Every parent knows that this can quickly become stressful in a large crowd or an unfamiliar environment. We provide a remedy - with a safety leash you always keep a firm connection to your child. You can also increase the safety of your little ones with a reflective safety waistcoat that makes your child clearly visible at all times. Such safety equipment is essential, especially when you are cycling in traffic. In this case, of course, a well-fitting helmet for the child should not be missing.

A party attended together brings joy to the whole family. However, the noise can quickly become too much for small children. It is therefore best to equip your baby with hearing protection to protect its sensitive ears. Neck padsare particularly practical for the journey to the event , as they keep the child comfortably seated.