Children's helmet

Off into the sun

Children's skin is much more sensitive than adults' skin. Therefore, it needs particularly good sun protection. If you are out andabout withyour child on a summer day , sun cream alone is not enough. It should have a high protection factor and be waterproof. Nevertheless, it only provides safety for a certain period of time. It is more important to protect your child's skin from the sun. Stay in the shade as often as possible and dress your child inUV-protective clothing.Sunglasses also shield children's sensitive eyes.

Sun tents for a relaxed bathing trip

When swimming, you and your child are exposed to intense UV radiation for a long time . There are rarely shady spots on beaches and they are often already occupied at the swimming pool. A sun tent provides a remedy. It hardly adds any weight to the swimming bag with the swimmingaids. The material is usually treated with a special UV protection of 50 or more. It is erected with the help of a simple pop-up system. Some tents are simply unfolded. Both the classic igloo tent with an open wall and the tub with a roof offer flexible sun protection in any location. Extras such as a mosquito net or paddling pool make staying in the sun tent even more comfortable.