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children's sunglasses

Why baby or children's sunglasses?

For the little ones, splashing around in the water is a real adventure, which is guaranteed to be even more fun with water toys . To ensure that the fun is not spoiled, adults should think about suitable sun protection for their baby. This includes UV protective clothing as well as sunglasses for the baby or child.

Protection for sensitive children's eyes: Sunglasses

Until a baby reaches the age of three, its sensitive eyes are still getting used to sunlight. In addition to other sun protection, such as a cap and special UV-protective clothing, you should therefore put baby sunglasses on your baby in the first years of life so that the eyes are not unnecessarily exposed to UV radiation. The older the child gets, the greater the urge to move. The little ones go on discovery tours and often look directly into the sun. To protect your child's eyes, it makes sense to buy baby sunglasses with UV protection. The water reflects the sunlight as a reflective surface. If children do not wear glasses, this can be very unpleasant for the eyes. The pigmentation is not yet fully developed. Only in the course of time do the eyes develop sufficient self-protection against UV radiation. Therefore, baby sunglasses are just as important in summer as ski g oggles are in winter.

What to look for when choosing sunglasses

High quality is the be-all and end-all when choosing baby sunglasses. The frame should not have any sharp edges, as they pose a risk of injury. Sunglasses are exposed to great stress in the hands of little ones. Children like to feel things with their hands and examine everything closely. Baby sunglasses need a robust frame with shatterproof, dark lenses. Complete UV protection of 100 percent is particularly important. Sunglasses with an elastic strap are ideal for very young children. For older children, sunglasses with temples are recommended. Polaroid children's sunglasses use polarising filters in the lens to eliminate annoying reflections. This means that the little ones are not only blinded by approaching cars in road traffic and can see them in time. When buying your baby sunglasses, please bear in mind that babies or children who already use normal glasses in everyday life need special prescription sunglasses. However, it is best for parents to discuss this with their paediatrician or a specialist. Nevertheless, in our shop you will find many suitable sunglasses that comply with all EU safety standards and offer 100% protection against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation. Discover top baby sunglasses manufacturers like Julbo, Baby Banz or Chicco. They offer different cool designs and colours for boys and girls, so you can find the right sunglasses for your baby or child's eyes. Do you already know the Baby Banz sunglasses with adjustable neoprene strap ? As a parent, you can be sure that your baby won't pull the sunglasses off during bath time and endanger his or her eyes.

Let the holiday begin

A holiday is a real adventure for every child. They want to pack their suitcase right away. At the top of the packing list is protection against sunburn. Sun protection for the car is already recommended during the journey. In addition, a sunshade for the pram is essential in the hot summer months to protect the baby from unnecessary sun exposure.