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children's bike trailer

Cycling tour with children's trailer

A bike tour with the whole family is an experience for young and old alike. For children up to the age of seven who are not yet able to cycle themselves, there are various options for taking them along. Compared to tandem bikes, transport bikes and touring bikes with mounted child seats , a bicycle trailer offers numerous advantages .

Child trailer: How safe is it?

The child trailer is attached to the wheel hub by means of a trailer coupling. Before buying, check how much total weight your bike is allowed to pull and whether you have a parking space for the trailer. We recommend using cycle paths for cycling with a child trailer and avoiding public traffic areas as much as possible during rush hour. Bicycle trailers for children are comfortable, safe and ideally suited for longer bicycle tours. One or two children sit relaxed in the trailer and are protected against wind, sun and rain.

Compared to a child seat (whether mounted on the luggage carrier or on the steering wheel), the risk of injury in the event of an accident is lower because the height of fall is lower. A bicycle helmet provides additional protection for the children in the trailer. In addition, a child trailer does not need to be balanced when riding. For road traffic, the trailer must be roadworthy and equipped with reflectors. Maintenance and cleaning are best done at the same time as the bike.

Children's trailers - Versatile use

In addition to the pure trailer variant, there are child trailers with buggy function. These can be unhooked and used as a sports buggy for jogging. The spacious child trailers also have room for smaller items of luggage as well as provisions or toys, so there is no need to carry an additional bag or rucksack. A lunch box and water bottle for the little ones should always be available when you are out andabout with children.

Cycling tour essentials

A bike tour with children is not a snap decision and requires some preparation. In the cool season, be sure to bring warm clothing, and in the summer , don' t forget awater bottle. On longer bike tours, please take regular breaks so that the children can move around and keep themselves occupied. How about a picnic at the edge of the forest to escape the heat in the city?