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Child trailer accessories

Safe on the road with the child trailer

To make cycling fun even safer, adequate lighting is a must. With silicone LEDs, the bicycle trailer can be marked even more visibly in road traffic - flexibly and in two easy steps. Even in the safest bicycle trailer, the smallest ones should never be taken along without a helmet. Bicycle helmets also protect against serious consequences in the event of minor accidents. Buckling up in a child trailer is also a must. If you want to protect your expensive bicycle trailer efficiently against theft, you can also find lockable Weber couplings in our shop. This ensures that the trailer is still there when you return from shopping.

Spare parts and maintenance

If you use your bicycle trailer every day, you have to expect wear and tear even on high-quality models. Of course, the tyres are susceptible, but especially more specialised spare parts are not available in every hardware store. Special axle couplings and nuts that fit the trailer model can only be found in specialist shops, such as our online shop. If you want to guarantee your mobility with the child trailer, you should buy these spare parts before the emergency. With most trailers, individual parts can be replaced quite easily by yourself. Maintenance in the event of actual problems is therefore conceivably simple. Otherwise, the air in the tyres should be checked at regular intervals, as should any brakes and, of course, the coupling in all its parts.

If it does rain

If it starts to rain out of the blue while driving, the rain cover must be lowered. This rain cover is transparent and covers the entrance so that it stays wonderfully dry inside. On hot summer days, however, the need for protection is high: a sun canopy that matches the trailer perfectly protects against excessive heat and unpleasantly blinding light. Cycling tours are fun in almost any weather. To ensure that the little ones feel comfortable, a holder for drinking bottles should be retrofitted. If you are going on longer tours, you should also pack a lunch box with provisions for your little passenger.