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Bicycle seat

Bicycle seat for children - the alternative to a bicycle trailer

Children love to be out and about in thefresh air . So why not go for a bike ride? However, it is not yet possible to go on too long tours with their short legs. The bicycle seat is a good alternative before children get on their own bikes.

Children can also ridein a bicycle trailer. There are a few things to keep in mind: Trailers are not suitable for every towing bicycle. The low position in road traffic does not seem particularly safe to many people either. Because such a low trailer is not always noticed by car drivers. However, the bicycle seat is not easy to attach to every bicycle. However, the high centre of gravity sometimes causes problems.

How is the bicycle seat securely attached?

The child bike seat is firmly screwed to the frame of the bike. This is done using an adapter that should fit the frame size. However, there are different models of bicycle seats, each of which is attached slightly differently.

We distinguish between bicycles with a carrier mount that rests directly on the carrier and bicycles that are attached to the frame under the saddle with an adapter and do not rest on the carrier. For the seat to be secure, firstly the bike should be built sturdily enough and secondly the attachment should be tight and always checked.

Never ride without a helmet!

Crashes on bicycles are often associated with serious head injuries. It does not depend on the speed or the skills of the rider: Sometimes all it takes is a pebble that lies awkwardly under the front wheel and slips away. Head injuries in cycling accidents are not always fatal, but in most cases they leave permanent damage. Nobody wants that, especially not with children. That is why children should always wear their own helmet when cycling, right from the start. A child's helmet fits well when it sits firmly on the head and does not slip even when shaken a little more intensively.