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Bicycle seats accessories

A bicycle tour with toddlers and children

A bike ride is a popular pastime for many families. The exercise in the fresh air is combined with a trip to a playground or a dining establishment. The law requires children to be transported in a rear-mounted bicycle seat. In order to enable safe mounting on the bicycle, various accessories are necessary that offer multiple practical benefits.

Mounting is simplified

In order not to damage the soft bones, cartilage and muscles of young babies, a bicycle seat is only recommended from the age of six to nine months. From this age, babies can sit independently and are able to compensate for the shocks and vibrations of riding on uneven terrain through their own muscles. The correct installation of the child seat can provide additional cushioning. Depending on the model of the child seat, adapters and mounting units are available as accessories for the bicycle seats. Basically, a distinction must be made between whether the child's bicycle seat is to be mounted on the luggage carrier or on the frame of the parent's bicycle. Luggage carrier mounts often feature additional suspension to soften the shocks. The dimensions of the carrier must match the adapter and the carrier must be suitable for the weight of the child seat and infant. Luggage carriers that allow loads up to 30 kg are necessary for mounting. Adapters for frame mounts allow the child seat to swing freely and thus not transfer the shocks to the child. The frame adapters may have a lock. All adapters and carrier models must match the child seat model. If several adults want to share the transport of the children in the bicycle seats, it is necessary that each adult bicycle has an adapter and bicycle seat carrier mounted. Changing the child seat from one bike to another is done in a few simple steps. According to the law, children may be transported in a child seat on a bicycle until they are seven years old.

Protection from wind, sun and dirt

So that the little ones can enjoy the outing on the bike in all weathers, covers protect them from wind, rain and too intense sunlight. The rain cover is put over the child and the seat and is made of a water- and wind-repellent material. Welded seams and waterproof zips guarantee that no moisture gets to the little ones. Depending on the model, the child can move their hands and feet freely or the poncho is a total cover. Reflectors on the back of the rain cover increase safety in road traffic during cloudy rainy weather. If only light rain falls, then the sun canopy can be used instead of the rain cover. The easy-to-fit roof withstands drizzle. At the same time, the roof has a sun protection factor of 50+ and prevents unpleasant glare from the sun's rays. Wind and rain can cause the bike seat to become dirty. If the bike has to be parked for a short time, then a rain cover prevents the child from having to sit in a damp or wet seat. The covers keep dirt out and are practical accessories if the bike is not going to be used for a long time. All protective covers can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth. They fold up to a small pack size and can be taken along on a bike tour.