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Shoulder bags

Backpack or shoulder bag for children - which is the better choice?

At some point, the day will come when the offspring will want to have their own children's bag with them when they are out andabout. No longer entrusting their own belongings to mum and dad, but being responsible for them themselves - for children this is an important step towards independence.

A backpack distributes the weight it contains better on the shoulders than a shoulder bag. So if quite a lot is to be stored in the child's bag, a backpack is preferable to a shoulder bag. However, it is not always easy to use, especially for young children. Parents often have to help them put the bag on and take it off. A shoulder bag is easier for children to use and they have quick access to the contents.

What fits into the children's bag?

Kids'bags can easily hold water bottles and lunch boxes. There is also room for a change of clothes and wet wipes in a shoulder bag for children. Asuitcase is a good alternative if the contents are particularly large, for example when travelling .