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Plaster cast as a reminder of the growing belly

In our miscellaneous section you will find many lovely items that will bring joy to your time before, during or after pregnancy!
Very useful products support your skin with gentle and soothing oils. The well-being is made soft and supple with natural substances. There are also beautiful accessories such as jewellery to complement the outfit perfectly.
But it is not only the baby bump on the outside that needs to be cared for. Would you like to hear the heartbeat of your unborn baby? Angel Sounds offers a small device with a big impact, so you can monitor the first heartbeats and vital signs of your still unborn baby. This way, the first bond becomes closer by the minute.
To help you remember your growing belly, there is a casual plaster cast. The plaster cast is a great souvenir and the little one is sure to be happy to know how it used to look on mummy.
Our tip: You can also make a beautiful children's lamp from the plaster cast.