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Care products

Effective breastfeeding care products for pain-relieving support.

Mum 's breast provides adequate and healthy nutrition from birth.
When you are very hungry, it sometimes happens that the wait is not so great and the hunger transfers a lot of energy to the teeth. The consequences of this are usually painful nipple inflammation. To alleviate the pain somewhat, there are effective breastfeeding care products such as: Nipple ointment, nipple shields, pain-relieving pads or cooling pads.
For perfect and correct use in case of complications, it is best to consult your midwife or doctor. Your midwife will certainly help you find the appropriate breastfeeding care product.
The nipples and associated glands are very sensitive and can quickly become irritated or injured. Therefore, always react early enough!
Specially developed breastfeeding care products from renowned brands such as: Medela, Avent, Attitude, RAFAEL, Weleda and many other manufacturers can be found in our range.