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Pregnancy underwear

Maternity underwear and nursing bras

During pregnancy, the body changes. Not only the belly gains volume, but also the breasts, legs and bottom. When your favourite lingerie is no longer comfortable, it's high time to switch to maternity underwear. On average, the time comes around the 16th to 20th week of pregnancy.

However, don't buy maternity underwear right away, but rather a few pieces that fit well and can adjust elastically. Because towards the end of pregnancy, the body can change again considerably. For this reason, it makes little sense to buy maternity underwearbefore pregnancy.

Maternity underwear with comfort

Maternity underwear or nursing underwear differs from normal underwear primarily in the cut and the fabrics used. For example, a pregnancy or nursing bra and maternity underwear are stretchy but still supportive. Microfibre fabrics are particularly recommended for maternity underwear, as they are also breathable and easy to care for. The pants often have an elasticated tummy panel that provides light support and is inconspicuous under thematernity wear. In addition to maternity underwear ,maternity swimwear can also be a sensible purchase .

Nursing bra: useful during and after pregnancy

Nursing bras and combined pregnancy and nursing bras are practical and comfortable even before the baby is born. Practical because you can practise opening and closing clips and other fastenings with one hand before the birth. Comfortable because bras, like maternity wear, are made of particularly stretchy and soft fabrics.

When buying maternity underwear, just make sure that you choose the right size but, just as with diaper bags and everything else that will be needed after the birth, leave a little extra room.