Nightwear for pregnant women and mothers

Sleeping well is also a question of nightwear. Soon the time willcome for theexpectant mother when normal pajamas become uncomfortable during pregnancy. Maternity nightwear is specially tailored to the changing shape of the pregnant woman's body. This adds important garments to thefashion for pregnant women that not only support the precious hours of sleep during pregnancy and delivery, but also after delivery.

So that you can dress chicly during pregnancy not only during the day with suitable pregnancy fashion, we carry a rich assortment of maternity nightwear. You can buy maternity nightgowns, maternity pyjamas, shorties and tops as an ensemble or combine individual pieces as you wish. This way, the growing tummy is also taken into account. The tops of the maternity nightwear are wide and comfortable, while the trousers have a high cut and a wide, snug waistband for a good fit. Whether you choose pyjamas or a nightdress is entirely up to you.

Women also appreciate the comfortable fit of maternity nightwear in the first period after giving birth. Matching underwear such as nursing bras or postnatal underwear also offer a lot of comfort. Maternity nightgowns or maternity pyjamas that can be easily opened or shifted for breastfeeding are now appreciated.