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When should I start buying maternity wear?

When it makes sense to buy maternity wear is very individual. For some women, a baby bump is already visible in the fourth month. For others, the baby will wait until the sixth month. Therefore, each woman must decide for herself when it is time for maternity wear. It makes little sense to buy the first maternity fashion items right at the beginning of pregnancy, because the size of the belly cannot even be guessed at yet and every pregnancy is different. However, at the latest when your current wardrobe becomes too tight, it should grow just like your belly.

Be aware, however, that the belly, breasts, legs and bottom will increase in circumference towards the end of pregnancy. Pregnancy fashion should therefore be designed for growth. It is ideal if you choose elastic fabrics or flowing cuts. This way, you won't have to repeatedly re-buy pieces.

Pregnant with style - the pregnancy fashion must haves

Fashion for pregnant women can accentuate or conceal the belly, depending on the patterns and cuts. If you don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe for a few months, we recommend simple but comfortable pregnancy fashion basics, like plain shirts and tops. With accessories and combinations, you can then always decide for yourself whether or not you want to draw attention to your baby bump in your pregnancy fashion. However, there are some pregnancy fashion must-haves that you should definitely get. These include maternity underwear and maternity tights, several shirts, maternity trousers and, depending on the weather, jumpers or jackets.

And what do mothers wear after giving birth?

Postpartum clothing can initially continue to be maternity fashion. After all, the belly needs time to flatten out again. However, thanks to girdles and abdominal supports, it is also possible to return to the usual wardrobe quite quickly. In addition to fashion for pregnant and breastfeeding women, other everyday helpers are also needed after the birth. We offer a comprehensive selection of diaper bags and other practical accessories to match your taste and wardrobe.