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Our belly bands, sound balls and special safety harnesses for pregnant women.

Our category, which we have named "Mum/While Pregnant", contains quite different products, namely a sub-category for belly bands and support belts, one for sound balls and one for special belt guides for seat belts, which can give expectant mothers and their unborn babies extra protection in the car in the event of an accident.

Our belly bands and support belts

Especially towards the end, pregnancy can become very burdensome. The baby bump gets heavier and heavier and this weight can also put a lot of strain on the back. In our category for belly bands & support belts you will find various offers that can make it a little easier for you to carry your growing baby bump during this time.

Our offer for more safety during car journeys

In our safety sub-category you will find various offers called Be Safe belt guides. These special aids for buckling up in the car ensure that you and, above all, your baby are better protected during pregnancy in the event of a road accident. If you have any further questions about this principle, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. We will be happy to explain to you exactly why these belt guides give your child special protection.

Our Bola sound balls come from Indonesia. There they have been part of an old tradition of expectant and also young mothers for a very long time. These sound balls are more than just beautiful pieces of jewellery. They also serve to soothe the unborn child and later, after delivery, the baby. During pregnancy, the Bola sound balls are worn on the lower abdomen. After the birth, such a sound ball can also be worn while breastfeeding. From about the 20th week of pregnancy, the unborn child can perceive the sound of the Bola Ball. Each of these Bola beads is unique and has an individual sound that your baby will quickly find soothing and will also recognise after birth. Visually, each Bola sound ball is also unique. Each one is beautiful and also a wonderful piece of jewellery. Inside the ball there is a minixylophone and a small ball. When you move, this soothing sound is produced in the Bola singing ball. Decide for yourself which of our numerous models you like best. Each one has its very own design and, as we said, is absolutely certain to be unique and yours alone.

Do you have any questions for us?

If you still have questions about one or the other product from our category for mums during pregnancy, please simply contact our team. We will be happy to help you, because that is what we are here for.