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Spare cover

Stylish and practical: replacement covers for the versatile breastfeeding pillow.

With a stylish cover, the breastfeeding pillow fits into every living room and nursery.
A breastfeeding pillow is often exposed to a lot of stress. This is because it can be used not only during breastfeeding, but also during pregnancy and afterwards.
If the cover of the pillow gets dirty or broken, there are great replacement covers. Whether you use the breastfeeding pillow in the living room or bedroom - the different patterns and colours of the replacement covers fit into every room.
Thanks to the pleasant fabric and an easy replacement method, you can change the replacement cover in no time and clean it in the washing machine so that you can get a fine scent and use it again.
The replacement covers are available in different sizes in our diverse range. Find the right replacement cover to make sleeping or breastfeeding much more fun.