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Nursing pillow

Versatile support: The practical breastfeeding pillow for pregnant women and new mothers

Support during pregnancy and while breastfeeding The breastfeeding pillow is one of the first purchases most pregnant women make when it comes to baby equipment. Even if you are not breastfeeding, the pillow can be a great help. Whether as a pregnancy pillow for sleeping and sitting during pregnancy, for relieving the arms during feeding or as a baby pillow for the newborn baby - a breastfeeding pillow is a helpful support in everyday life.

What is a breastfeeding pillow?

Nursing pillows are elongated, curved pillows designed to provide support for mother and baby. They come in a variety of shapes (called: crescent, banana or U-shaped, C-shaped) and sizes. The filling, which often consists of small balls, adapts to the desired shape. Since the pillow can be adjusted to any shape, it is versatile for pregnant women and new mothers. The cover is of course removable and washable.

Nursing pillow: the pillow is so versatile in pregnancy and afterwards

The curved pillow is a soft support during pregnancy and beyond. This is how you can use the pillow

  • as a support when sitting during pregnancy to relieve the strain on your back
  • as a support when sleeping, if the belly does not otherwise allow a comfortable sleepposition (for side sleepers and supine sleepers)
  • after birth to relieve the arms and back when bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, to prevent tension in the back, neck and shoulders
  • as a nest for the baby (the cushion helps to find varied positions for the child and acts as a barrier to prevent it from rolling away or falling down)
  • as a support for the child when it is learning to sit up
  • as a pillow (until the next pregnancy)

Nursing pillow for sleeping: practical pregnancy pillow

Midwives and advisors swear by it: use the breastfeeding pillow as a pregnancy pillow until the birth. Because when the mother-to-be's belly gets bigger and bigger, sitting and especially sleeping becomes uncomfortable. In the first and second trimester, the pregnancy pillow provides support when sitting and is ideal as leg support in the supine position. The slightly elevated position of the legs prevents water retention. The breastfeeding and pregnancy pillow is particularly appreciated as the pregnancy progresses. In the third trimester, only sleeping on the side is recommended from a medical point of view, so as not to squeeze the inferior vena cava. A pregnancy pillow can then help you to find a comfortable sleep position.position. The pillow can be clamped between the knees and used as a support for the belly. Thanks to its length, it even doubles as a pillow. Pregnant non-side sleepers can finally find their night's rest thanks to pregnancy pillows. Why not try out a side sleeper pillow with a nursing pillow?

Original nursing pillow function: nursing pillow for breastfeeding/feeding

The breastfeeding and pregnancy pillow makes breastfeeding more comfortable for baby and mum and helps to find different breastfeeding positions.positions. On the one hand, holding the baby without the support of a breastfeeding pillow is exhausting in the long run and can lead to the so-called "baby arm" as well as tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Secondly, breastfeeding in the same position all the time can cause problems such as sore nipples and milk retention. Changing the breastfeedingposition prevents these breastfeeding difficulties.

Optimal breastfeedingposition for you and your baby

Cradle position - you are sitting comfortably with your baby facing you on the pillow. You hold the pillow with your baby against the breast you are breastfeeding with. The baby's head is in the crook of your arm. It can easily reach your breast with its mouth and suckle unhindered. Your arm will not start to tingle or hurt, even if it takes longer.

Breastfeeding pillows to support your baby

Different lyingposDifferent positions promote even development and prevent your baby's head from deforming due to the position. A breastfeeding pillow provides variety in the way youposition. Bring both ends of the pillow together to form a nest in which your baby can lie safely and comfortably on the soft filling. When your baby learns to sit, the cushion can serve as a backrest and a barrier against tipping over to the sides or backwards and ensures a stable seat. And when the breastfeeding and pregnancy pillow is needed for these three purposes, you can simply use it as a pillow for the head until the next pregnancy.