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Nursing cloth

The nursing cloth: the perfect all-rounder for mothers and babies.

A nursing cloth is the ideal companion for mother and baby. Although a nursing cloth may seem inconspicuous at first, it is just the right help in many different situations. It is always advisable to have a cloth with you in the pram or breastfeeding bag.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful, but also exhausting and sometimes complicated process. Especially in public, mothers often find it difficult to find time and space for breastfeeding. If something goes wrong or the child spits up, there is also the effort of cleaning up. A nursing cloth can help.

Breastfeeding is best at home

Of course, most mothers prefer to breastfeed at home in familiar surroundings. In the best case, with a breastfeeding pillow and a glass of breastfeeding juice that contains an extra portion of iron and other nutrients. This is especially advisable if you have little time in your daily routine to eat a nutrient-rich, fresh diet. But it is not always possible to breastfeed at home in peace and without a spectator. Here, too, the breastfeeding sling can be a great companion, discreetly draping itself over you and your baby. It is therefore advisable to equip your breastfeeding accessories with a few cloths.

What is a nursing cloth?

A nursing cloth is a cloth that can be of different sizes. It is made of breathable material - usually light cotton - and is correspondingly easy to wash. The air permeability and the anti-allergenic material are very important for the different uses. The ease of washing is especially practical, as babies are known to produce a lot of laundry.

How can a nursing cloth be used?

A nursing cloth can serve many purposes. When breastfeeding in public, it can be gently placed over the baby and mother to protect both from unpleasant looks. The highly breathable material means you don't have to worry about the air supply, as enough oxygen passes through the fabric. But the material not only protects from glances, but also from cold, draughts and sunlight. It can quickly be converted into a scarf for mum or baby and protect the sensitive neck from dropping temperatures. It can also be used as a light and air-permeable baby blank et to cover the baby's body without weighing it down or posing a risk. As sun protection, a nursing cover is particularly useful in connection with the pram: it can easily be stretched over the roof of the pram to form a temporary sun sail and provide pleasant UV protection without enveloping your child in darkness. Although soft light still penetrates through the cloth, the baby is not blinded and does not get sunburn.

Why do you need a nursing sling?

The nursing cloth is characterised by its versatility. Although at first it seems like a normal cloth without any special features, it was made especially for babies. It is an all-round problem solver, takes up very little space and can be used for many things. It can be very comforting to know you have one or more nursing wipes in your diaper bag: Whether baby is getting cold, you'd like some privacy while breastfeeding, the sun is threateningly strong or something needs to be wiped up. The breathable and easily washable cloth adapts to your needs and fits in every bag. The material is baby-friendly, does not stress the skin and is so light and permeable that it poses no danger to babies. A nursing cloth shines through its simplicity and is a reliable companion in the pram. It cannot suddenly break and become unusable, is not expensive and is easy to clean. Breastfeeding cloths wrap themselves gently and airily in every day life and help where they can.