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Nursing bra

Hello, dear everyday heroine!

The time as a new mother can quickly become stressful.
In order to be able to help you now, we would like to show you our nursing bras.

No more cutting in: advantages of nursing bras

In contrast to normal bras, nursing bras have the advantage that they adapt to your breasts. So during pregnancy, when your breasts are still expanding, you can safely assume that your bra will not cut into your skin. Instead, it stretches with you and makes you feel comfortable.

At the same time, there are also wider straps on most nursing bras, which additionally ensure that the load on your shoulders is distributed more evenly.
This gives you better support overall, which is gentle on your back. Your back will have to cope with a new daily burden due to the accumulation of milk and the resulting heavier breasts. The nursing bra could be the perfect solution so that you don't further challenge your body and the otherwise mentally challenging situations with unnecessary pain.

But there is even more! Because it fits your individual body beautifully, the bra itself hardly shows under your clothes. So you can wear it confidently as it will look good and make you feel secure. So the nursing bra itself is preferred by many mothers after breastfeeding!

More privacy while breastfeeding with the nursing bra

The biggest difference to conventional bras will probably be that the cups can be opened. For sure you are a proud mum, but still breastfeeding in public can sometimes be quite uncomfortable.
That's why the nursing bra can support you here in helping your baby to have your breast as discreetly as possible. You don't have to show an unnecessary amount of skin and can therefore care for your little one in a relaxed way.

Even when you are alone at home with your child, the nursing bra is an advantage. You don't have to be stressed when your baby cries loudly for your milk at night. The cumbersome putting on and taking off is also replaced by the easier opening of the cups.

4mybaby We are pleased to have informed you up to this point.
If you are interested in nursing bras, you are now welcome to take a look at our products and filter out the right everyday support for you.

As you will see, many different variations are offered, because after all, your taste is just as individual as your body!
For example, you can choose the colour that best suits your skin tone. Or choose a shape that makes you feel particularly protected and held.

Whatever you decide - have fun and enjoy your shopping experience!