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Breastfeeding cap

Protection and help: Breast pads for a gentle breastfeeding period

Breastfeeding is very important for mum and baby. The close contact with the mother makes the child feel safe and secure. For the mother, it is a very nice and pleasant feeling when she can breastfeed her child.
Sometimes everything works out perfectly and sometimes it is still a little difficult from the beginning. The nipple is very challenged by the contact with moisture. The pulling and sucking strains the very sensitive skin. Wounds often develop, which can be very painful for the mother. So that this does not happen and you can breastfeed your little angel all the time, the nipple shields help to protect the thin nipple skin.
The nipple shields are placed on the nipple and your little darling is nursed in this way.
However, if the nipple is already inflamed, it is advisable to treat the nipple with breast cream and to use the nipple shields after it has healed.