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Manual breast pump

Breastfeeding made easier with our helpful breastfeeding products.

Many breastfeeding mothers help themselves out with a breast pump when they produce too much or too little milk. Using a breast pump can make breastfeeding easier and alleviate problems with milk production. Various utensils make breastfeeding easier for the mum and make pregnancy easier for an expectant mother. In our breastfeedingcategory you will find more little everyday helpers on the subject .

What is there to know about breastfeeding?

It's no secret: breast milk is the best food for your baby. It contains all the essential nutrients your baby needs for development. Some of the nutrients you take in are also passed on to your child through the milk. Therefore, you should make sure that you eat a balanced and varied diet.

Did you know? Every mother's milk is individually composed, because the amount and fat content of the milk is adapted to the needs of your baby.

When do you need a breast pump?

Breastfeeding mothers need the support of a breast pump, especially in the early days. If you make too much milk and your baby does not drink all of it, there is a risk of a milk jam. A milk stasis hurts and can lead to mastitis. Use a breast pump to suck out excess milk. A restless baby when breastfeeding can indicate too much milk. If a baby sucks on a breast that is too full, the milk flows too quickly - this is uncomfortable for the baby.

A breast pump, like these electronic breast pumps, can also help you if you are producing too little milk. With a breast pump, you simulate the baby sucking and stimulate milk production.

It isimportant that you breastfeed your baby calmly and regularly, quietly in public with the help of a nursing cloth:

How do breast pumps work?

The top of the pump surrounds the breast, creating a vacuum that sucks out the milk. In the first phase, the stimulation phase, the milk-giving reflex stimulates the flow of milk. Through the sucking process, you automatically react by releasing milk. This isfollowed by the pumping phase, in which the milk is expressed.

What are the advantages of a manual breast pump compared to an electric pump?

Manual breast pumps are convincing because of their low price and light weight. They are also handy and portable, and are easy to assemble. If you go back to work early, the manual breast pump is a valuable companion.