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Preparing for breastfeeding: Insight into the use of a breast pump before birth

Big preparations are made before the delivery of the little golden treasure. The question is sure to come up: Do I need a breast pump or is this rather a superfluous purchase? We would like to give you a brief overview of how to use a breast pump.

Breast pump for successful breastfeeding

As nature has given us, the onset of milk normally occurs two to three days after birth. This is the natural reaction of the human body. With healthy breast milk, you provide your baby with nutritious support during the first few months. But there are also situations where mum 's milk flow is not always stable enough. Here, too, a breast pump can be very beneficial. Because the so-called pumping by the machine stimulates the milk flow, and this helps for a pleasant breastfeeding time.

Save time with an electric breast pump

But the opposite is also known in the history of breastfeeding. Some women produce far too much milk and this can cause a lot of pain. Even if your little one has had enough and has been fed sufficiently, there can still be a residue in the breast. Therefore, the breast pump is a great solution. Pump out the excess residual milk and store the enjoyable milk in the fridge or freezer. Be careful! Milk can be stored in the fridge for a maximum of three days. But if you want to store the milk longer, put the breast milk bag in the freezer for three to six months.
After the first few months, everyday life starts again and work beckons. To ensure that the babysitter can also feed your sweet bundle of joy sufficiently, conveniently pump the milk before work and store the milk carefully and at the right temperature. You can find cute baby bottles in our food category.

If you pump frequently to almost always, an electric breast pump is just right for you. The breast pump is driven by a motor and saves you having to pump by hand. The pumping rhythm can be set individually and, unlike the manual breast pump, does not change.

With electric breast pumps, you also have the option of choosing between a single pump system or a double pump system. The average pumping time per breast is about 20 minutes.
If you pump a lot and regularly, you will save a lot of time with a double pump system.