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Pregnancy test

Thanks to modern tests, it is very easy to detect a pregnancy at home. But the pregnancy test raises a few questions. How quickly does it work? When can it be used? How can the test result be read? We offer answers to these and more questions here.

When should I buy a pregnancy test?

You can buy a test at the latest when your period stops. It can also be done before your period if you suspect you are pregnant. The urine is tested with test strips from the pharmacy counter. A certain hormone in the urine reacts with the chemicals in the test product and discolours the strip, for example. With a digital pregnancy test, on the other hand, the result is displayed quickly and reliably directly in words.

How does a pregnancy test work?

It's very simple: whether a woman is pregnant or not is first shown in her blood and urine. This happens very quickly. Just a few days after fertilisation and implantation of the egg. However, many women do not want to go straight to the doctor when they suspect or hope that they are pregnant and therefore prefer a urine test first. In this urine test, the urine reacts with the test strip. It then changes colour and shows whether the pregnancy hormone is present or not. A pregnancy test from the drugstore, pharmacy or at 4mybaby.ch can also give a so-called "false negative" result. This is prevented if the pregnancy is detected by a high-quality test, such as Clearblue.

Where to buy a pregnancy test in Switzerland?

One way to buy a test is to go to the pharmacy. However, this does not have to be a local pharmacy. However, there are now also many online options. It is also possible to buy a pregnancy test online. It's convenient and much easier to do, even in hectic everyday life. The test is delivered directly to your doorstep or letterbox and can therefore be done quickly. Even if morning sickness has already struck or other pregnancy complaints are becoming noticeable. Another advantage of buying online is that direct comparisons can be made. For example, if you are planning to get pregnant, you don't want to buy the most expensive test every time you try. On the other hand, of course, you still get a reliable result. In addition, comments from other users can be read and researched. This helps to find the right product. Last but not least, there is often a much wider range of products online than in the local pharmacy or drugstore.

Which pregnancy test for whom?

Generally speaking, a high-quality test should be chosen. The result is quick and reliable in comparison. A Clearblue pregnancy test - with an analogue or digital display - therefore offers greater certainty than other products. Whether a pregnancy is present or the menstrual period is merely delayed can be determined comparatively easily and quickly.

What is an early pregnancy test?

Pregnant or not pregnant? Of course, everyone wants an answer to this question as soon as possible. This does not only mean that those affected and their partners do not want to wait long for the result. Because recognising a pregnancy at an early stage is important in any case. Just like every decision that is made in this regard. Those who are already hoping for pregnancy, are working towards it and have prepared themselves do not need to take an early test. A normal test from Clearblue is then completely sufficient. If menstruation is absent or pregnancy is expected for other reasons, an early test can be carried out with urine within the first few days. One week after fertilisation is sufficient to determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. A Clearblue pregnancy test is very accurate and can be done shortly after conception. However, when the test gives a usable result depends on the particular brand and form. In order to get a test result that reliably shows whether someone is pregnant, a certain concentration of the hormone must be present.

Which urine for pregnancy test?

The middle stream in the morning is best. The urine is then particularly rich in hormones, which makes a test for pregnancy easier and more accurate.

Can pregnancy be detected without a test?

Of course, there can be certain signs. These include a lack of menstruation, nausea, indigestion and tightness in the breasts. The so-called pain of implantation and an altered sense of smell are also possible. Without a test, it is still not possible to be sure whether a woman is pregnant or not and, for example, becomes ill or whether other hormonal conditions are responsible.

Why use a Clearblue pregnancy test?

Because a Clearblue pregnancy shadow test is highly accurate and is available in appropriate versions. Although the test sets from Clearblue are a little more expensive, but they also give results more quickly and easily.

What is the difference in a digital test for pregnancy?

The type of display is the significant difference. With test strips and analogue tests, a change in colour indicates whether there is a pregnancy or not. With the digital test, on the other hand, it is a display. This is easier to read. However, the basic principle is the same.

How accurate is a test for pregnancy?

That depends on the test. Even a high-quality test from Clearblue can only detect the presence of the hormone. This, in turn, can also be present in the urine due to other causes. Without a medical examination to confirm this, possible errors should therefore be expected.